Nathan LaPierre

Nathan LaPierre

Computer Science PhD student

University of California, Los Angeles

Hi there! My name is Nathan LaPierre, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My expected graduation date is June 2022.

My research interests lie in computational genetics and genomics. In particular, I have worked on robust mendelian randomization, trans-ethnic fine mapping, isoform-aware eQTL mapping, deep learning to improve nanopore read quality, and metagenomic profiling. I am interested in further investigating methods to elucidate causal mechanisms behind complex diseases.

Since I am graduating in less than a year, I am currently in the market for postdoctoral positions! I have a proven track record of publication and mentorship, as shown in my CV below. I am also friendly, curious, and ambitious, and I try to do my part to keep the lab environment active and positive for all lab members.


  • MS in Computer Science, 2019


  • BS in Computer Science, 2015

    George Mason University